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Community Connection Program, contact Tana Aguiar
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OHS Senior Portfolio Requirements

OHS Senior Portfolio Requirements iconOHS Senior Portfolio Requirementstitle

  • Activities Record -see below for more information due 09/21/18
  • Resume, due 10/19/18
  • Resume Cover Letter, due 11/16/18
  • One Reference Letter - See below for more information, due 02/01/19
  • Employment Application, due 02/22/19
  • Achievement (Awards, certificates, etc., ASVAB Scores, Personal Statement, due 03/15/19
  • Summary of Community Service, due 04/27/19
  • Mock Interview, done throughout the year but final deadline is 05/03/19
  • Time Card(s) for Community Connection Project, due upon completion of service
Interview Evaluation Sheet for Mock Interview, will be filed in portfolio upon completion of student's interview.
Reference Letters - The students are required to have one reference letter in their portfolio.; The letter can come from a teacher, coach, boss, someone they have done community service for, mentor from a program they are involved in, long-time family friend, etc. (no letters from parents or peers). Students should request letters at least 3-5 weeks prior to the due date to allow the person enough time to write the letter.

The Activities Record will help outline student accomplishments while at OHS to assist when applying for scholarships and/or college. Some teachers also request this form when asked to do a reference letter. The following is a version of the Activities Record that can be typed:
Scholarship Links:
  • Click on this scholarship link and view the latest scholarship bulletin information.

OHS Senior Community Connection

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All OHS seniors are required to complete a minimum of 25 hours of community service for a local organization  These hours must be completed by 4/27/19.  This project is a way to teach the students to give back to the community that is often so generous to them.  The organization your child chooses to volunteer for must be approved in advance by the Orland High School Administrators.  
Click on the link below to see a list  and description of approved organizations: