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Varsity Head Coach                                    Ryan Bateman        865-1210 x. 227  rbateman2orlandusd.net

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        Developing an overall philosophy for our basketball program is important.  It gives the coaches, players and administration an idea of what we are about, what we are trying to achieve, and how we are going to accomplish our goals.  My philosophy goes beyond just playing basketball at a high level.  It is producing solid players who are also good citizens.  Players will be given every opportunity to succeed on and off the floor, in the classroom and in life.

           I believe that you must look at the abilities of your players and adjust accordingly as a coach.  Year to year teaching and coaching at a small public school, my personnel will change sometimes greatly.  If we are blessed with talented big men, it is my job to develop an offense suited to those types of players.  On the other hand if we have a small team who is quick, it would make no sense as a coach to run an offense best suited for big men.  After determining what we have as players, we will then adjust to our strengths.

           Basketball is unlike any sport in the world.  Played at its highest level, basketball players demonstrate teamwork, communication and dedication to a goal.  We will always be prepared to play, and will take the time necessary to prepare to play at the highest possible level.  The path towards perfection lies in the fundamentals of the game.  Our players must realize what they have to do in certain situations during the game, and how to adjust to their opponents to minimize the opposition's strengths. 

           I firmly believe that you cannot play the perfect game of basketball.  We can only strive for perfection.  I feel that the team to make the fewest mistakes has put themselves in a great position to win basketball games. Period.  To achieve this, we must practice smartly by being organized and efficient.  We must put the effort in on the practice floor, and that will translate directly to games.  Effort and hustle will mask quite a few weaknesses that a team might have.

           I also realize the great responsibility that has been given to the coaches in our program.  We are responsible to get our players ready to compete at a high level, and more importantly we have the responsibility to produce players of good character.  We also will promote integrity and a solid work ethic.  I feel that all of these things, while not easily achieved, are indeed attainable.

           I believe that players respond best in an environment that promotes learning and respect.  If the coach truly believes in the development of his players and demonstrates that he cares to them, it will only promote success within the program.  We will always be the hardest working players on the court, and our players will know that we as coaches will do all we can to make them the best people they can be.

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Top of PageOrland Boys Basketball Records
League Championships

Year               Coach            

1954           Bob Russell
1960           Len Wilkens
1961           Len Wilkens
1962           Len Wilkens
1963           Doug Kimble
1964           Doug Kimble
1965           Bill Brookfield
1966           Stan Kinnear
1975           John Kratzer
1987           Stan Kinnear
1988           Stan Kinnear
1996           Dean Miller
2001           Dean Miller
2011           Jason Bragg

Section Finals Appearances/Wins

1987- Runner-up
1988- Runner-up
1994- Runner-up
1995- Section Champions
2010- Runner-up
2011- Runner-up

State Playoff Appearences

2011- Win vs. Modesto Christian

Individual Records


      Player                   Total                    Years    

Myron Erickson           1,729                1959-1962

Saloman Chavez         1,177                1993-1996

Stephen Batchelder    1,026                2008-2011

Andrew Anaya            1,021                2004-2006

Bobby Lombardi          965                  2007-2009

Joseanna Rosales        925                  1998-2000

Josh Roberts              830                  1994-1995

Michael Lister              828                  2002-2003

Michael Long               806                  2000-2002

Jay Russell                 792                  1989-1990

Dave Sidner               781                  1977-1979

Tom Moss                  775                 1982-1983

Jud Sailsbery              760                 2009-Present

Single Game Scoring

    Player                    Total            Year        Opponent    

Joseanna Rosales        42               1998        Granite Bay

Myron Erickson            40               1960        Colusa

Bobby Lombardi          40               2009        Yreka

Myron Erickson            39              1962        Corning

Saloman Chavez          38               1996       Wheatland

Myron Erickson            38              1962        Corning

Mike McDonald             38              1981        Winters

Coaching Wins

Coach            Win Total

Stan Kinnear        168

Jason Bragg         122

Dean Miller            76

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